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Corn Field Natural Weed Killer 25% Mesotrione Atrazine + 40 G / L Nicosulfuron

Corn Field Natural Weed Killer 25% Mesotrione Atrazine + 40 G / L Nicosulfuron

  • Corn Field Natural Weed Killer 25% Mesotrione Atrazine + 40 G / L Nicosulfuron
Corn Field Natural Weed Killer 25% Mesotrione Atrazine + 40 G / L Nicosulfuron
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GOOD JOB
Certification: SGS
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Minimum Order Quantity: As your request
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 50 g to 600 kgs for solid and 100 ML to 200L for liquid formulation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, etc.
Supply Ability: As your request
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Detailed Product Description
Active Ingredients: 25% Mesotrione And Atrazine +40 G / L Nicosulfuron Product Features: Corn Stems And Leaves Of Seedlings Of Early Treatment Of Herbicide
Crop ( Or Scope): Corn Field Control Object: Annual Weeds
Preparation Dosage: 120-180 Ml / Acre Use Method: Stem And Leaf Spray
High Light:

selective systemic herbicide


organic systemic herbicide

25% mesotrione and atrazine +40 G / L nicosulfuron Herbicide for corn field


Herbicide for corn field

Active ingredients: 25% mesotrione and atrazine +40 G / L nicosulfuron

Product features: This product is corn stems and leaves of seedlings of early treatment of herbicide, by two different mechanisms of herbicide mixtures together. Maize fields most annual broad-leaved weeds and some grasses have better effects, such as commelina, quinoa, Abutilon, amaranth, Liao Ma Tang, goosegrass, Barnyard grass and other weeds.


Using technology and method of use:

Crop ( or scope)

Control object

Preparation dosage

Use method

Corn field

Annual weeds

120-180 Ml / acre

Stem and leaf spray

(Note : (1) hectare dose = MU with a dose x15
(2) Total amount of active ingredient concentration ( mg / kg )=( preparation x1000000) ÷ preparation dilution )
1.Control of spring, many annual weeds in summer maize field, the recommended dose in the maize 3-5 leaves ( mainly to grassy weed leaf ), and annual grassy weeds 1-3 period or annual broadleaf weeds 2-4 leaf, stem and leaf spray. This product is a Postemergence herbicide early, try an earlier drugs, weed is better.
2.Recommended spray volume 15-30 liters of water, spray evenly.
3.This product is resistant to rain, after the 3 hour rainfall effect are not affected.



1. this product every season up to 1 , succeeding grow sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, legumes, tobacco, vegetables, first test.
2. Shake well before using again to get the medicine.
3. Please follow the safety guidelines on the use of pesticides using this product. Cleaning apparatus for waste water cannot be discharged into the rivers, ponds and other water sources, waste should be properly handled, not discarded, nor did he. Silkworm and Mulberry near the disabled.
4. Spraying wear long pants, gloves, glasses, masks, as well as not smoking, drinking water; wash hands after applying the face and so on.
5. Do not use this product with any organic phosphorus and carbamate pesticides mix or interval 7 Use within days.
6. Different corn varieties to the sensitivity differences, ornamental corn, sweet corn and popcorn are sensitive. This product is not for use in intercropping with maize and other crops, intercropping or mixed farming.
7. Vegetables, rice, peanuts, sugar, wheat, canola, beans and cruciferous crops, peach and other shallow-rooted trees are sensitive to this product. Avoid drugs when spraying pesticide drift to nearby crop fields.
8. Away from aquaculture pesticide, banned in the pond and other water cleaning spraying equipment, groundwater, drinking water, water sources near the disabled.
9. Avoid contact of this product for pregnant and lactating women.
10. Strictly in accordance with the recommendations for the use, operation and storage of this product.


Poisoning first aid:

Symptoms of poisoning: this product is irritating to skin and eyes.
Poisoning first aid:
1. Medication if you feel unwell, stop work immediately and take emergency measures, and carries this label is rushed to the hospital for treatment.
2. Skin contact: immediately remove contaminated clothing and rinse contaminated skin with plenty of water, such as skin irritation continues, consult your doctor.
3. Eye splash medicine: eyelid open immediately, rinse with water for at least 15 Minutes, then consult your doctor.
4. Inhalation: inhalation move to fresh air immediately if inhaled breathing requires mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Keep warm and rest, and consult your doctor.
5. Accidental ingestion: do not spit, carry labels immediately and sent for medical treatment. Emergency treatment: use activated carbon washed stomach for medical use, pay attention to preventing stomach contents from entering the respiratory tract. Note: for comatose patients, do not feed anything, or vomit.
6. Antidote : No specific antidotes, symptomatic treatment.


Storage and transport:

The agent should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated, waterproof. Keep away from fire or heat. In the reach of children and locked. Don't associate with food, drink, food, feed, seed storage and transport. When happened, invert is strictly prohibited.


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