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27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+9% 2-4-d-butylate SE Herbicide for corn field

27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+9% 2-4-d-butylate SE Herbicide for corn field

  • 27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+9% 2-4-d-butylate SE Herbicide for corn field
27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+9% 2-4-d-butylate SE Herbicide for corn field
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GOOD JOB
Certification: SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: As your request
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 50 g to 600 kgs for solid and 100 ML to 200L for liquid formulation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, etc.
Supply Ability: As your request
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Detailed Product Description
Active Ingredients: 27% Acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+2-4-d-butylate SE Product Features: Corn Herbicide
Crop ( Or Scope): Spring Maize Control Object: Annual Weeds
Preparation Dosage: 200-250 Ml / Acre Use Method: Soil Spray
High Light:

commercial weed killer concentrate


selective systemic herbicide

27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+9% 2-4-d-butylate SE Herbicide for corn field


Herbicide for corn field

Active ingredients: 27% acetochlo+ 27%atrazine+2-4-d-butylate SE

Product features: This product is a corn herbicide, has the characteristics of high activity, longer duration, effective control of annual grasses in maize field weeds broadleaf weeds such as crabgrass, goose grass, purslane, dayflower, cockspur acalypha polygonum, a surname, Gill, cocklebur, retroflexus, setaria viridis weed.


Using technology and method of use:

Crop ( or scope) Control object Preparation dosage Use method
Spring maize Annual weeds 200-250 Ml / acre Soil spray
(Note : (1) hectare dose = Mu x15
(2) Total amount of active ingredient concentration ( mg / kg )=( preparation x1000000)÷ preparation dilution )
The agent after sowing spring maize Miao Qian, reversing soil the spray handle. Acres of water consumption 50-60 kg. In Northern arid areas: dosage and water with the highest dose to ensure control. This product can be used for control of annual weeds in maize field and spray the soil. Each crop to use up to 1 .



Matters needing attention:

1 , This product is only used in the Northeast. To wear protective clothing when spraying, wear masks, gloves, avoiding inhalation of medication or touched the skin of the mouth, eyes, pesticide ban on drinking, eating, smoking, etc; wash your hands after applying the face and so on.
2 , Avoid contact of this product for pregnant and lactating women.
3 , Residual chemicals and cleaning apparatus for waste water not pour into fish ponds, rivers and other bodies of water. Waste cannot be discarded, nor did he use, should be properly handled. Liquid spill or outside the package cannot be lost in the environment.
4 , Other crops in intercropping or interplanting of corn field is disabled; should be no wind or Breeze (wind is less than 2 Level), temperature 15 ~ 28 ℃ Sunny applicators, used strictly in accordance with the recommended dose, using the standard aerosol spraying, prohibit the use of spray sprayer or ultra low volume sprayers. Effect of wind direction when,100 meters and there is cotton, vegetables, potatoes, grapes, fruit trees and other broad-leaved crop or downwind of a sensitive crop to disable the product.
5 , Vegetable, soybeans, wheat, rice, millet, groundnuts, sugar beet, oilseed rape, sorghum, peach, poplar, pear tree, vine, tree, cotton, potatoes and other crops are sensitive to this product, preventing pesticide drift when applying to nearby crops.
6 , Near aquaculture disabled, trichogramma enemies fly disabled, groundwater, drinking water source near the disabled.
7 , Used containers should be properly handled, do no use should not be discarded.


Poisoning first aid:

Irritation to eyes, skin, respiratory, and with syrup of Ipecac induced vomiting when swallowed, medical treatment immediately carry labels. Accidentally inhaling, patients should be moved into fresh air immediately. Contact with skin, wash with SOAP and water and splashed into the eyes, immediately rinse with water for at least 15 minutes, there is still a timely medical attention. There is no specific antidote.


Storage and transport:

This product should be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated, waterproof place, away from sources of ignition or heat sources. In the reach of children and locked. Not with other products such as food, beverages, animal feed storage and transport.

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