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Safe Wettable Powder Herbicide Diclosulam SC 70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone Ethyl

Safe Wettable Powder Herbicide Diclosulam SC 70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone Ethyl

  • Safe Wettable Powder Herbicide Diclosulam SC 70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone Ethyl
  • Safe Wettable Powder Herbicide Diclosulam SC 70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone Ethyl
Safe Wettable Powder Herbicide Diclosulam SC 70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone Ethyl
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GOOD JOB
Certification: SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: As your request
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 50 g to 600 kgs for solid and 100 ML to 200L for liquid formulation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, etc.
Supply Ability: As your request
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Detailed Product Description
Active Ingredients: 50 G / L Diclosulam SC+70.5% MCPA NA · Carfentrazone-ethyl Wettable Powder Product Specifications: ( 30 G +10ml ) ×50 ×4
Product Features: Consists Of MCPA-NA And Carfentrazone-ethyl Complex Preparation Crop ( Or Scope): In Winter Wheat Field
Control Object: Annual Broadleaf Weeds Preparation Dosage: 40-45 G / Mu
High Light:

selective systemic herbicide


organic systemic herbicide

50 G/L diclosulam SC+70.5% MCPA NA · carfentrazone-ethyl wettable powder Herbicide for wheat field

Herbicide for wheat field

Active ingredients: 50 G / L diclosulam SC+70.5% MCPA NA · carfentrazone-ethyl wettable powder
Product specifications: ( 30 G +10ml ) ×50 ×4
Product features: This product consists of MCPA-NA and carfentrazone-ethyl complex preparation,SODIUM MCPA absorbed through plant roots and leaves, and then transferred to the meristem growth suppression.carfentrazone-ethyl by suppressing the original porphyrinogen covelline causing membrane damage, leading to plant death. After mixing for the control of annual broadleaf weeds in winter wheat field.



Using technology and method of use:

Crop ( or scope) Control object Preparation dosage Use method
In winter wheat field Annual broadleaf weeds 40-45 G / Mu Stem and leaf spray
(Note : (1) hectare dose = MU with a dose x15
(2) Total amount of active ingredient concentration ( mg / kg )=( preparation x1000000) ÷ preparation dilution )
1. in front of the green to jointing stage of winter wheat, broad leaf weeds in 2-4 leaves.
2. windy day or expect 1 hour rainfall, do not spray.
3. cotton, potatoes, canola, beans, melons, fruit trees, fruit trees and other crops are sensitive to this product, when spraying pesticide drift into these crops should be avoided to prevent injury.



Matters needing attention:

1. This product every season up to 1 .
2. safety precautions that should be taken using this product, wear protective clothing, wear protective gloves, masks and so on, avoid contact with skin and inhalation. Not smoking, drinking and eating, with plenty of water and SOAP after use clean hands, face and other exposed skin and contaminated clothing.
3. the used packaging should be properly handled, is no longer used or discarded.
4. the effects of medication should be avoided during swarm around, honey crops in flower and bird sanctuary near the disabled. Away from aquaculture pesticide, banned in pond water clean spray equipment.
5. prohibition of exposure of children, pregnant and lactating women.


Poisoning first aid:

Symptoms of poisoning: vomiting, nausea, Unsteadiness, muscle fibrillation, reflection reducing, miosis, shock, convulsions, coma, etc.
First aid: in use or if you feel unwell after using, should immediately stop working, take emergency measures, and carries a label immediately sent to hospital for treatment.

Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing, use a soft cloth to remove polluting pesticides, wash immediately with plenty of water and SOAP.

Splashed into the eyes: immediately flush with flowing water for not less than 15 minutes.

Inhalation: immediately leave the spraying scene, move to fresh air.

Ingestion: immediately stop using them, after full gargle with water and carry the pesticide label immediately to the hospital. No specific antidote for this product.


Storage and transport:

This product should be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated, waterproof place, away from sources of ignition or heat sources. Children touch, unrelated persons or animals and do not place and locked. Not with other products such as food, seeds and fodder storage and transport.

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