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Selective Natural Weed Killer 10% Tribenuron 56% MCPA NA 70% Flucarbazone Sodium

Selective Natural Weed Killer 10% Tribenuron 56% MCPA NA 70% Flucarbazone Sodium

  • Selective Natural Weed Killer 10% Tribenuron 56% MCPA NA 70% Flucarbazone Sodium
Selective Natural Weed Killer 10% Tribenuron 56% MCPA NA 70% Flucarbazone Sodium
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GOOD JOB
Certification: SGS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: As your request
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 50 g to 600 kgs for solid and 100 ML to 200L for liquid formulation
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, etc.
Supply Ability: As your request
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Detailed Product Description
Active Ingredients: 10% Tribenuron +56% MCPA NA+70% Flucarbazone-sodium Product Specifications: ( 10 G +30 G +3 Grams) ×50 ×4
Crop ( Or Scope): In Winter Wheat Field Control Object: Annual Broadleaf Weeds
Preparation Dosage: 10-13.5 G / Mu Use Method: Stem And Leaf Spray
High Light:

commercial weed killer concentrate


selective systemic herbicide

10% Tribenuron +56% MCPA NA+70% flucarbazone-sodium Herbicide for wheat field



Herbicide for wheat field

Active ingredients: 10% Tribenuron +56% MCPA NA+70% flucarbazone-sodium

Product specifications: ( 10 G +30 G +3 Grams) ×50 ×4

Product features: This product is a sulfonylurea conduction in selective herbicides. After treating stems and leaves to stems and leaves can be weeds , root absorption. And in vivo conduction, prevent cell division, causing weed died. Annual broadleaf weeds on Stellaria, Shepherd's purse , bottle wheat grass, corn gromwell, ion grass, cleavers, Cardamine, que tongue grass, bearbind, Euphorbia, better control Veronica.


Using technology and method of use:

Crop ( or scope) Control object Preparation dosage Use method
In winter wheat field Annual broadleaf weeds 10-13.5 G / Mu Stem and leaf spray
(Note : (1) hectare dose = MU with a dose x15
(2) Total amount of active ingredient concentration ( mg / kg )=( preparation x1000000) ÷ preparation dilution )
Before the two-leaf stage to jointing stage of winter wheat can be used, and 3~5 leaf of winter wheat to best effect. Spraying should be thoughtful, even, do not overlap or leak spray. When spraying pesticide drift to nearby sensitive crops should be avoided to prevent injury. Do not spray before the wind or rainfall. Or mixed with broadleaf crops of wheat, this product cannot be used.



Matters needing attention:

1. quarterly up to use when this product is used for winter wheat fields.
2. wheat before the two-leaf stage to use following crop safety intervals for a period of 90 days or more.
3. the temperatures (10 ℃ and above), adequate soil moisture and other conditions, the weed is the best; spraying under low temperature conditions, which played slow, but does not affect the final result; increasing against the water under dry conditions, the better.
4. should choose a windless sunny applicators, spray, take care to avoid drift to sensitive pharmaceutical broadleaf crops, after the 90 days not broadleaf crops.
5. medication in winter wheat field of flowers in the spring, interval after applying it in 90 days or more.
6. the application should wear protective clothing, masks and gloves, avoid inhalation of Physic liquor, spraying is not available during eating, drinking and smoking, should be washed in time after applying.
7. proper handling of remaining liquid and refrain from polluting the water. Used containers should be properly handled, do no use should not be discarded.
8. avoid contact with pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
9. trichogramma enemies fly disabled.


Poisoning first aid:

Symptoms: irritation to eyes and skin. First aid: If in contact with skin, rinse, if splashed in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; if swallowed, carrying this label is sent to hospital to be treated.


Storage and transport:

This product should be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated, waterproof place, away from sources of ignition or heat sources. In the reach of children and locked. Don't associate with food, drink, food, feed with other products, such as storage and transport.

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